Jewelry Repair Tools

jewelry repair toolJewelry is among some of our most prized possessions especially when it is made of rare and expensive jewels and metals. However, even the most expensive jewelry can get damaged because of daily wear and tear. And, if these jewelries are heirlooms which have been passed from one generation to another, they are susceptible to damage. Thank God for jewelry repair tools which help to fix these valuable adornments in order to preserve their beauty longer.

One can opt to buy these tools for themselves so that whenever necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings get damaged, they will be quickly and easily repaired without paying a lot to have it fixed professionally. However, this is only applicable for small patch ups. For major restoration, it is still best to call on the professionals.

There are a lot of tools to choose from, but it is not necessary to get them all. Just pick the essentials such as a mandrel, vise, soldering machine, soldering supplies, pliers, stone setting tweezers, files, clamps, buffs, brushes, anvils, bench blocks, polishing wheels, saw frames and blades. Also, don’t forget to purchase a 2-part epoxy specially made for jewelries. This helps to properly secure gem stones in place.

When fixing jewelry, it is important to see it clearly, so invest in a high quality loupe, which is a magnification device used to thoroughly inspect jewelry and spot damaged areas. It is best to get a loupe with 10x magnification that is at least 17mm in size for optimum clarity. Of course, use a bright bench lamp when working to avoid overlooking small dents or scratches.

Part of repairing jewelry is cleaning it, so get a premium cleaning solution for jewelries. Make sure to get cleaning racks as well. These racks will be used to put recently cleaned jewelries to help them dry faster.

Jewelry is well-loved for its sparkle that is why polishing it is a must to maintain and enhance its luster. Stock up on jewelers’ sand paper, emery paper sheets, polishing cloths and abrasive emery sanders to make polishing a breeze. There are also emery inside ring shells that are designed to buff, sand and polish the inner part of the rings.

Aside from the tools mentioned above, professionals who specialize in fixing jewelry also utilize special tools including flexible shaft machines, steam and ultrasonic cleaners, rolling mills, mechanical ring stretchers, drills, gauges and jewelry torches.

When attempting to fix jewelry, always remember to wear safety glasses to protect the eyes and finger wraps to protect hands from accidental abrasions, cuts and burns. An apron can also be worn to protect clothes from getting soiled.

To make things easier, keep all tools organized and have a designated workstation with a comfortable chair and a large table to work on. Organizers with compartments will also come in handy to segregate tools into proper places. It is also wise to include a magnetic pick-up tool for jewelers in one’s tool box. This can be extremely useful in finding tiny parts that could end up being lost.

If one has jewelry, especially if it is an heirloom, then it is imperative to have these tools on hand in the event of sudden breakage or loose gems from broken or bent prongs. It is cheaper to use these tools for minor repairs or adjustments rather than head to the jewelry shop, which can charge high prices for minimal work. Although, fixing jewelry involves a certain level of proficiency so, when in doubt, it is better to leave it to the experts to fix these precious treasures because one may end up damaging it further if not handled properly.

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